Tribute: Clint Eastwood Bullet Mosaic

Ed Chapman: Clint Eastwood Bullet Mosaic

"You've got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"

I'm a big fan of Clint Eastwood's entire body of work. When I was young (definitely too young, haha) my dad let me watch Dirty Harry with him and I was instantly hooked. Eastwood's attitude just seemed to jump right off the screen! I was thinking of making my own photo mosaic tribute, but after a quick search I discovered an Eastwood mosaic in a class all its own: a mosaic made of bullet cases. Can you think of a more fitting tribute to Eastwood's career?

This unique mosaic was created by British artist Ed Chapman as a celebration of Clint Eastwood's 85th birthday. Chapman creates detailed, photo-realistic mosaics using anything from broken pieces of ceramic tile and glass to guitar picks. Much of Chapman's work is based in popular culture: David Bowie, Picasso, Jim Morrison, The Clash, and more. Each mosaic has such outstanding clarity, it's unbelievable. In 2012, Chapman created a mosaic of Jimi Hendrix using 5,000 guitar picks that gained the spotlight as being one of the highest selling prices ever for a piece of mosaic art! Measuring 87x140cm, the Clint Eastwood mosaic was created from 8,890 used cartridges. Six are from a .44 Magnum, with one being interchangeable, which begs the question, “Did I fire six shots or only five?”

Ed Chapman: Clint Eastwood Bullet Mosaic

Source: Manchester Evening News