Welcome to My Mosaic Review!

After trying to create my own photo mosaic and trying many online services, I decided to put together a review site to help remove some of the confusion in trying to create custom photo mosaics. I could not find any valuable reviews online, then again, I guess this is not the type of product you would expect to find on Amazon.com or any other large online superstore. Hopefully you find this review site helpful in creating your own custom mosaic.

After weeks for trying and testing different software programs I remained unsuccessful, as the mosaics I was creating just didn't look that great. I decided to turn to the "experts" and would select several mosaic companies to create my mosaic.  After extensive Google and Yahoo searches, I decided to review companies that offered some sort of online ordering and pricing. The companies that I found and ultimately reviewed are the following:

Picture Mosaics
Big Mosaics
Design A Mosaic

All claim to offer a superior product, however many fall short of this claim.
Hopefully you find my review helpful and if you have used any of these services please feel free to add your own review or commentary.

A good place to start is the Mosaic 101 page, which describes some of the things to watch out for when creating your own mosaic.

You may also read more about the review process here: The Review Process